Friday, September 4, 2009

Record Store


So I'm back! I think! My scanner sort of started working again and then I used the magic of a hot glue gun to "fix" the rest. So, yeah. Every Friday, again, there will be a thing up! Thanks to a few people (mostly Imogen), I've slowly been learning more about the internet (and HTML! That makes me feel smart...), and how to do little "easy" things that make life a lot easier. Things like saving for the web, uploading a smaller file, using photoshop better, and linking things quicker and more accurately. So life's getting better, I suppose. Images should start loading up faster now, too.

Oh! Hey! Also, Imogen and I started an online comic! She does all the writing, and I do all the drawing. It's called Stupid Babies, and you can find us at There will be a new strip every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! That's a lot. A lot of my goal in this project to to draw them quickly, sort of loosening up my style, or at least producing something that won't totally bother me if the drawings aren't exactly what I want (and they never will be). I My goal is to draw each strip in half an hour, but I allow myself up to 45 minutes. With that speed (that's coming up with the panels, penciling and then inking), I have to basically let it go, and accept what comes out. It's pretty much the opposite of everything I've ever done before. Okay, back to drawing!

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